There's a lot to love with WLDKAT skincare!

WLDKAT's whole line challenges what we think of when we picture skincare. Typically, you think of minimalistic cartons and the same old ingredients. WLDKAT seeks to revolutionize the market; offering more diversity, unique ingredients, and such wicked cool packaging. It's clean, vegan, and cruelty-free. There's a lot to love with WLDKAT skincare!

The PH Balanced Patchouli + Cherimoya Gel Cleanser takes the fuss out of removing the blood, sweat, and tears from your day! Plus it smells amazing. The gel formula works into a lather for an easy, luxurious feeling as it glides onto the skin to cleanse. The cleanser might go on smoothly but what skin type does this work for? This cleanser works for most skin types, it's not too drying or too hydrating so combination skin rejoice! The cleanser is super gentle and not irritating in the least bit. The Cherimoya fruit contains tons of antioxidants which help fight free radicals and keep irritation down; whereas Patchouli helps balance the skin and relieve dryness. Keep your face's PH in check with this amazing cleanser! 

Want your skin to glow like a 60 watt lightbulb? WLDKAT has a miracle elixir called the Ginger + Kombucha Bubbling Skin Tonic that will bring bounce back to your skin, even out your texture, and give your skin a healthy lit-from-within glow! This tonic uses Broad Spectrum CBD; there's a huge difference in regular old stripped down CBD isolate (which lacks cannabinoids and terpenes) and this powerhouse of a skincare ingredient. Broad Spectrum CBD carries many cannabinoids found in the actual plant, insuring your skin gets the healing potency it needs. Pat the tonic onto your skin, feel it bubble up, and enjoy your glow for the day!

What's better than a nice misting product on a hot summer day? A misting product that's actually going to do something for your skin. The Coconut Water + Noni Fruit Electrolyte Spray delivers soothing hydration, protects against free radicals, and is just a great time all around in AllBeautyPro's humble opinion. The spray contains 150mg of Broad Spectrum CBD helps hydrate and soothe; Noni fruit is also a natural anti-inflammatory, this neat fruit helps hydrate without trapping heat into the skin so it helps repair time speed up! Give your skin a sensorial treat and buy this spray, you really will not regret it. (P.S. put it in the fridge for an arctic blast of refreshingness) 

Nothing is worse than a moisturizer that feels like it's smothering the skin which is why WLDKAT's Mushroom + Moss Gel Cream is the answer to everyone's frustrations. This Gel Cream is packed to the brim with powerhouse ingredients. One of the most interesting uses of brand new skincare innovation in this moisturizer is MossCellTec™; not only is the process of developing it environmentally friendly, it's extremely potent in healing the skin by going down to the level of nuclei and improving the production of protein markers which help keep tissue from diminishing as we age. The CBD and mushroom extract help calm and repair the skin as well. The Mushroom +Moss Gel Cream is lightweight, great for sensitive skin, and the science and thought put into it is extraordinary! Skip the FOMO, treat yourself to the Gel Cream.

Need a cute lip balm to keep on the go but want it to work? The Cupuacu + Mango Butter lip balms are not only perfect for banging Insta selfies; they keep your lips hydrated, smooth, and absolutely kissable. There are two options: A clear one and a pH adjusting pink one. Both lip balms have a minty taste and feel to them! This glossy balm formula is laced with everything good for your lips; 50mg of Broad Spectrum CBD, Cupuacu Butter which helps fight free radicals as well as hydrate, and Mango Butter which is a punch full of hydration and vitamins. Throw these in your bag so you're ready for anything in life. WLDKAT also just came out with beautiful lip gels, check them out! 

WLDKAT is building their brand during a revolutionary time using revolutionary ideals. Using ingredients that are ethically sourced and environmentally sound, bringing diversity into the skincare world, and just being plain fun. AllBeautyPros projects that WLDKAT is going far! Whether they stay an independent brand or carry over into stores such as Ulta or Sephora, we see big things in store. 

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