Challans de Paris...Take Two

Back in June, we were lucky enough to find Challans de Paris Stella Series. We loved it so much, we knew we had to check out more from this brand. We were thrilled to discover that now Challans De Paris doesn't do just skincare! They also have foundations.

The Cushion De Albarosa is their Semi-Matte foundation which comes in a cushion applicator. The actual packaging of the foundation is gorgeous with a pink, sparkly top with Challans de Paris in beautiful cursive! The Semi-Matte foundation is dewier than what the standard American would call semi-matte but that shouldn't scare you because being a little dewier than expected is so worth the finish. This foundation goes on beautifully, it was actually used on this issue's cover shoot. With a medium coverage that you can build, this cushion foundation goes on easily and covers very well. Your skin looks so healthy after usage of this! Challans de Paris also carries a liquid foundation worth checking out.

Struggling with acne but your skin is too sensitive for the usual tough round of acne products? The Aurora series is the answer to your prayers. One of the key ingredients is Houttuynia Cordata, which is a plant with powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties which is awesome for stubborn acne but gentle on the rest of the skin.

The first step is the cleansing pad, which specifically targets the redness and irritation from acne (which is technically an infection underneath the skin); this will help remove makeup and debris! Up next is the toner, it helps remove excess oils which will leave your skin SO nice and matte. The third step is a nice sheet mask because who doesn't need some self-care? The sheet mask really helps reduce the redness and pain of hormonal/cystic acne. The ampoule (similar to a serum) is great for fading acne scarring and healing adult acne; you use that after the mask. Only use about a dime sized amount!

There are actually two moisturizers in the Aurora series! The first is the essence, it's more lightweight and dries quicker than the creme. If you don't like to use a lot of moisturizer in your routine, you can stop at the essence. The Creme is a lot more hydrating and helps repair the surface of the skin. Use them together for the ultimate hydration and acne-fighting combo! The Aurora series is very gentle and will not irritate sore, painful acne further. AllBeautyPros recommends using extra hydration during acne treatment because skin is more prone to dry patches and surprisingly, more acne due to dehydration.

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