Busy? Overworked? Try Hey Honey!

Hey Honey's founder, Katerina Yoffe-Larden, wanted to create a skincare line that fit her lifestyle not the other way around! That's how Hey Honey was formed; the products were designed with time in mind, the steps are minimal, and products are effective. Unlike other skincare lines, messing up once in a while won't kill your skin. Busy? Overworked? Try Hey Honey!

With Hey Honey being the first complete line infused with propolis and honey, you know the quality and love is there. Their website is easy to navigate to figure out what's best for your skin! Such as if you had oily skin, you would discover the Balancing Trio Set. This set was put together in three easy steps for helping soothe and kill acne. With a unique cleansing foam as it's first step, you know you're in for an innovative ride!

The 'Don't Miss A Spot!' Propolis Cleansing Foam has mild exfoliating action to help keep your skin smooth, gently purifies the skin, and provides antibacterial support throughout your day. The foam is gentle enough to not strip the skin of its natural oils so the formula by design is non-drying, what a lot of people don't know is you shouldn't strip skin of its natural oils to try and solve acne. All that will actually do is have your skin over producing oil! The next step is the '911 Pro Gel' Multi-Purpose Propolis Serum. This serum has amazing healing properties; the formula is entirely dedicated to helping heal skin damage while still helping calm, soothe, and purify things such as acne and the like. It's even able to be used on burns and any other irritation your skin may come across. The last step is the 'Uncover' Detoxifying Mud Mask; this super cool mud mask works to deeply purify blemishes while binding moisture to the skin! This helps keep the moisture barrier intact while still keeping the oil levels balanced.

Want to see what else they have to offer? Here's some other honey powered products worth checking out! The 'I Peel Good' Biomimetic Honey Peel Cream works as an all-natural non-physical exfoliant. It reaches down deep past the outer layer of the skin's barrier to resurface from the inside out. It delivers the same powerful result as other less natural products that use AHA as its chemical exfoliant. Massage into the skin for about four minutes, after about a minute it changes texture and you can continue massaging for about three minutes until you rinse it off!

What about a serum that DOUBLES as a makeup primer? The 'Good Morning' Honey Silk Facial Serum smooths onto the skin with the most luxurious and calming feeling ever, it also helps that it smells amazing. This serum gives you an extra boost to get you through your day with all kinds of ingredient goodies such as (obviously) Honey, Silk Amino Acids, Vitamin E, and others. Good news, the serum/primer works for all skin types, so nobody has to miss out on flawless skin or the ingredient goodies! Hey Honey strives for clean ingredients in all of their products and the Honey Silk Facial Serum is no exception, keep your skin glowy and your life clean with this serum!

After using the 'Good Morning' Honey Silk Facial Serum as a primer, perhaps you'd want to try some of what Hey Honey has to offer cosmetic wise! The 'Trick and Treat' CC^2 Active Moisturizing Cream is a color correcting cream that will actually treat your skin while helping even out your tone. It's safe for under the eyes too! With anti-aging benefits and a well-performing formula, the only thing that's missing from this amazing product is a more extensive shade range. It's hard to get CC cream formulas dark enough or light enough though especially using more natural ingredients, hopefully we'll see more shades in the future so even more can enjoy it! If you want more coverage, try the 'Trick and Treat' Active Propolis Cream Concealer. This helps provide natural coverage while still helping hide any unwanted skin imperfections such as dark circles. Not only does this cover, it treats and protects. The concealer helps smooth under-eye lines over time with Proline and provides an extra skin barrier from irritants such as free radicals, UV, and pollution! Don't miss out on a natural yet perfect base.


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